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What is TALG?

Working across the UAE, KSA and the wider Middle East, TALG has grown rapidly in popularity and trust. Our team has identified and established positive relationships with numerous channel partners to create productivity funnels that are expected to deliver well into the long run.

TALG is actively tapping into high-value segments to generate value for end-users.

TALG Vision

TALG Vision is to be the first Middle East Holding Company that build capabilities and invest in entrepreneur across the region, the segments includes clothing, bedding, towels, leather goods, perfumes, candles, art pieces, women ready to wear, men ready to wear, kids ready to wear, and any additional multiple segments that may see fit.



"Working with TALG has opened up unthinkable horizons for the future of my business. They have allowed us to accelerate - achieving our 5 year goals in less than half the time."

Maitha Ahmed Almessabi

"The TALG team allowed us to see that there were numerous untapped opportunities for our brand. They believe in working to benefit from the latest practices while ensuring sustainability and scalability."

Mohammed Humaid Alketbi

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