Choosing Linens

Choosing the right linens to make the perfect impressions.

Part of the joy of staying in a fancy hotel is the bed: the fluffy pillows, the soft linens, the mattress that seems to conform to your body from the moment you lie down. The first thing most of us do when walking into a hotel room is stretch out on our new throne. Then there are the other amenities that make you feel pampered, from the delicious-smelling toiletries to the thick, cozy robes you find inside the wardrobe, that you wish you could bring back home.


An exceptional guest experience demands an exceptional bedroom and bathroom. Create stand out spaces with hotel bedding and bathroom supplies from the industry’s best brands.


The thread count of bed linen is the key thing to look out for to really determine the quality; the higher the thread count, the more luxurious the bed linen. Choosing the 'right' fabric really depends on personal preference and the effect you're looking for in your hotel rooms.


Once you've chosen your linen, you want to ensure it stays in good condition and lasts. Have a read through our washing instructions to get the best out of your products. One of the many factors in creating the ultimate luxury experience for your hotel guests is the towels.


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